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The specialty is engaged in the network frame design、Production、Processing and installationHave to undertake a number of industrial and civil construction project

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Shandong Gardner construction engineering co., LTD

Shandong including her group:Shandong Gardner construction engineering co., LTD、Shandong Gardner metal materials co., LTD、Jining ze far trade co., LTD。Formerly jining LuJian decoration engineering co., LTD,Was established2004Years11Month,In2012Years7Been changed,The registered capital is1080Ten thousand yuan。Company headquarters is located in jining city avenue and pipa mountain road interchange,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Infrastructure complete,Is a collection of steel structure、Curtain wall design、Production、Processing、Installation in a body specialized network frame installation company,The project company,Have to undertake a number of industrial and civil construction steel structure and processing and installation of curtain wall engineering projects,By the vast number of users trust and satisfaction。

The company has the construction:Light on behalf of the steel structure of the building project:Anhui huai and driver treasure tyre;Steel structure of floating plate shape plate on behalf of the project:Jining college students library floating plate modelling and huai ren one float plate modelling;Bus station on behalf of the steel structure engineering:Shanghe bus and LinYi bus terminal;Network frame steel structure on behalf of the project:- cord roof rack and jinghang canal stadium roof rack;Bridge steel structure aluminum magnesium manganese plate on behalf of the project:Big LouZhuangQiao ye county、Yingbin bridge engineering;New energy chemical steel structure on behalf of the shanxi coal tar gold base engineering;Spatial pipe truss steel structure on behalf of the project:Chapter grave stadium and lianyun new city performing arts plaza project。

The company has a good style、The idea is advanced、Unity and efficient management team,Pursues“The good faith、The team、Pragmatic、Actively、Professional、Innovation”Pile of god,Adhering to the“Unity、Struggle、To share”The core values,In order to“Strives for realism、For change、Yan、Strives for the development”Enterprise style,Keep learning、Pioneering spirit、The pursuit of excellence、Brand,Hard for society、Win-win of enterprise and staff。Created the excellent team collaboration and forge ahead、Wisdom and technology gave birth to the integrity of enterprises,Shandong Gardner construction engineering co., LTD. Sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life hand in hand、Create brilliant。

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The company has always been to“People-oriented,Science and technology leading,The good faith management,A well-known brand”For the purpose
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Can be used to project in many areas,As a gas station、LPG stations, etc,There are many outdoor tent using the space truss structure。But,In the project would have a lot of problems。The next,Shandong project company to share a few we have ever had and solve the problem of network frame construction for your reference…

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