• Air regulating valve accessories(The valve core)Series
  • Air valve set of components
  • Hercules the rear cover
  • Hercules-3The rear cover
  • Hercules-3The rear cover
  • TB50The front brake cover series
  • DY-100The rear cover
  • 110-1The front brake cover
  • CG—125Shoe block
  • TB—50Shoe block
  • Emma before brake cover
  • DY-125The rear cover
  • The knife before brake cover
  • Hercules the rear cover(The left and right sides)
  • 110-2The front brake cover
  • Yadi before brake cover
  • JS-50The front brake coverΦ95
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        Gaoyou yongming machinery co., LTD is located in the hometown of jiangsu gaoyou hardware--The car logic town 。East to the beijing-shanghai expressway,Surrounded by beautiful the beijing-hangzhou grand canal,The smooth flow of traffic is convenient。
        The company was founded in1997Years,Covers an area of5000Square meters,The construction area2200Square meters,The enterprise has the fixed asset500More than ten thousand yuan。The company mainly produces:Air valve set of components、Air regulating valve accessories(The valve core)Series、The electric brake cover、Motorcycle brake cover and for many well-known manufacturers(Emma、The birds...)Form a complete set of production for a long time,Companies pay attention to introduce advanced equipment and professional talents,Establish quality first business philosophy...


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